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 | Post date: 2018/03/7 | 
About Us: 
* Introduction of association 
* Records specifications 
* Activity license 
* Association's rules 
* Internal regulations of Association 
* Regulations of establishment and activities of agencies and branches of Association 
* Organizational chart of Association 
* Strategic plan of Association 
* Founding members 
* Board of Directors 
Introduction of the Association 
The idea of establishing the Iranian Association of Clinical Psychology was set up at 1997 by a group of clinical psychologists. 
At the fifty-third session of commissions of Community Medicine Department, Ministry of Health and Medical Education, the establishment of Iranian Association of Clinical Psychology was received final approval. 
The first election of Association's board members and its assessors was held on 25 August 2002 and the activity license was issued on 8 July 2002. 
* Planning to preserve, promote and protect of social legal rights, and scientific- professional positions of clinical psychologists 
* Trying to promote the public awareness in the field of clinical psychology 
* Offering suggestions and solutions on programs in continuing educations as short time courses, seminars, regional and international congresses 
* Coordinating and supporting of basic-applied research in the field of clinical psychology, including mental health, treatment, medical diagnostic tools 
* Planning for promote the level of community mental health and providing services in the field of clinical psychology 
* Trying to provide strategy plans in order to elaborate supporting insurance services to clinical psychology 
Constitution of the Association 
In recent years, the various fields of psychology especially clinical psychology have been improving in Iran. 
This development and growing interest in clinical psychology, explains the importance of the position of clinical psychology and its scientific professional status in the area of mental health in Iran. 
Since, each specialized field has its professionals who have the best-specified knowledge and awareness toward their profession and cause the lack of coherent structure in this area, establishing an association in clinical psychology is needed. 
So, regarding the active role of professional associations in improving scientific-professional level and supporting rights of experts, Iranian Association of Clinical Psychology with the following objectives shall be established. 
General objectives: 
1 - Planning to promote applied - science level in the field of clinical psychology. 
2 - Planning to support and monitor of professional associations in the field of clinical psychology 
3 - Planning to promote the level of society mental health providing suitable services in the field of clinical psychology 
Specific objectives: 
1. Providing suggestions and strategies on training courses syllabuses for postgraduate level 
2. Providing suggestions and strategies in the field of retraining programs on clinical psychology as short courses, seminars and regional and international congresses 
3. Coordination and support of fundamental-applied researches in the field of clinical psychology, including mental health, treatment, therapeutic - diagnostic tools 
4. Support the creativity and innovation in the field of clinical psychology related to society culture. 
5. Publishing magazines and scientific journals and supporting to publish books in the field of Clinical Psychology 
6. Communicating with the internal and international scientific communities for scientific exchanges and identify activities and academic achievements 
7. Trying to explain the scientific-professional position of clinical psychology in Iran 
8. Trying to preserve, promote and protect civil and legal rights, of clinical psychologists 
9. Trying to provide strategies in order to formulate professional ethics, legal standards, criteria of identifying scientific competence for clinical psychologists and to present the area of their professional activities based on academic degrees 
10. Collaborating with organizations and administrative officials in order to provide monitoring and evaluation in the field of psychology 
11. Trying to provide solutions in order to protect and support the rights and interests of clients 
12. Trying to provide solutions in order to develop community based psychology 
13. Trying to increase public awareness in the field of clinical psychology 
14. Trying to elaborate the insurance supports to clinical psychology services 
15. To develop and provide public education programs on mental health 
16. Collaborating with mass media, informational and educational - cultural centers to promote the community mental health 
17. Collaborating with other internal and international scientific associations and administrative institutions to formulate and implement the national programs of mental health in community 
Chapter 1: Generals 
Article 1: 
According to two hundred and sixty-second session decision dated 08.07.1370 of the Council of Cultural Revolution and relevant regulations and legislation approved by the Commission under Article 4 which since now, is briefly called Commission, The Iranian "Association" of Clinical Psychology which is briefly called ""Association"", is being formed. 
Article 2: 
""Association"" mainly performs in the scientific, research, professional and technical related areas and its members do not have the right for political activity or affiliation to political parties. 
Article 3: 
""Association"" is nonprofit and since its approval by the Commission and Registration in Companies Office has a legal personality and chairman of the "Association" is the legal representative. 
Article 4: 
The "Association" is located in Tehran, Sattar khan St., Niayesh St., Mansouri St., No. 1, second floor, Tehran Psychiatric Institute and its branches can be formed in every region of the country. In addition, the Board of Directors of the Central "Association" will supervise the forming process of the Association's branches. 
Article 5: 
The "Association" has the Iranian nationality. 
Article 6; 
The "Association" will be forming since the adoption date of this constitution for an unlimited period and has to follow the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran. 
Chapter 2: Duties and goals 
Article 7: 
To achieve the objectives mentioned in Article 2 of the substitution, the following activities will be done by "Association": 
7-1: To establish scientific, technical, research, training and exchange relationship between researchers, specialists and other experts who deal with various branches of mental health. 
7-2: Collaborating with the Ministry of Health and Medical Education, universities, educational - research institutions and other organizations that are associated with the "Association" activities, in order to planning for education, research, therapeutic and health affairs. 
7-3: Interacting and collaborating with relevant authorities for revision and evaluation of educational, health care and therapeutic programs/ educational institutions and scientific levels of different medical graduates 
7-4: Providing educational, scientific, technical and research services according to relevant regulations 
7-5: To persuade and encourage scientists, researchers and students to promote scientific, research and training and health activities 
7-6: Preparing and publishing scientific and educational journals 
7-7: Holding training and research Conferences, continuing education in national and international levels in accordance with the current laws and regulations. 
7-8: Providing a suitable context field for scientific research related to clinical psychology and other fields particularly via persuading young professionals 
7-9: participating on formation of the scientific "Association" Councils of Iran's medical group and planning its related affaires 
7-10: Giving support of international institutions to carry out scientific-research activities, in the national arena and the country's current regulations. 
Chapter 3: Membership: 
Article 8: 
Membership would be as the following ways: 
8-1: Permanent membership: 
Founding Board and all persons who have at least a master's degree in clinical psychology, health psychology, community based psychology and neuropsychology could be members of "Association" under the terms of this substitution. 
Permanent members should have qualifications of the Founding Board and board of directors mentioned in Article 7 of the regulations and the duties of the Commission. 
8-2: Dependent Membership: Individuals with following qualifications could become as Dependent members of "Association". 
A: Individuals with bachelor's degree in clinical psychology. 
B: All students with Master degree and PhD in clinical psychology, health psychology, and community based psychology and neuropsychology. 
Dependent members could become as continues members with the approval of board of directors. 
8-3: Honorary Membership: Iranian and international characters who their scientific, cultural and social authority is especially important, or have effective and valuable aids to "Association" can be admitted to honorary membership. 
Article 9: 
Each year, members pay the amount determined by the Board of Directors and approved by the General Assembly will be paid as membership fee. 
Note 1: 
Paying membership fee does not make any right to claim toward "Association" assets for members. 
Note 2: 
The Criteria for identifying the number of permanent members is the number of registered members in the same year, Therefore, those candidates could be authorized to participate in the election who have been paid the approved membership fees and have been received the warrant for attending in general assembly meeting and election. 
Article 10: 
Membership will be ended in one of the following ways: 
10-1: Written resignation of the member. 
10-2: Failure to pay the annual membership fee in time, which the Board of Directors shall determine 
10-3: Collapsing one of the membership conditions and the firm conviction in the initial or Supreme Medical Council to temporary or permanent deprivation of medical jobs. 
Note 1: 
The suspension period is equal to deprivation of medical jobs. 
Note 2: 
According to paragraph 7 of Article 3 of the regulations of the commission's duties, the board will be responsible on making final decision for membership termination after informing and improving the supervision board 
Chapter 4: Pillars of the "Association" 
Article 11: 
The "Association" has the following pillars: 
11-1: General Assembly 
11-2: Board of Directors 
11-3: Inspector 
A) General Assembly 
Article 12: 
General Assembly is being formed of the "Association" members' meeting as follows: 
12-1: Ordinary General Assembly which is held once every year and deal with the current affairs of the "Association", and can also be formed by necessity. 
12-2: Extraordinary General Assembly which is formed on necessaries to carry out the essential reforms in the constitution or making decision on dissolve the "Association", therefore its decisions on the changing or correcting the constitution will be applicable after the commission approval. Extraordinary General Assemblies will be formed by invitation of the board of directors or an inspector or a fifth of the permanent members. 
12-3: The first typical meeting of the General Assembly requested the founding board, will be formed after the initial agreement of the Commission Members and within 6 months via advertising in the newspaper. 
Note 1: 
The ordinary and extraordinary General Assembly meetings, is consistently recognized attending at least half plus one member the permanent members and in extraordinary general assembly meetings decisions will be made by two-thirds of votes. 
Note 2: 
If the required quorum for ordinary and extraordinary meetings of general assembly was not found, within one month since the initial meeting re-invitation will be done by the same way with the previous call to action, this time the assembly will be formed with any number of present members. 
Note 3: 
At the fist meeting of the General Assembly, a person among the members will be selected as chair of the Assembly and two members will be elected as secretaries. 
One month before forming the general assembly, its ordinary and extraordinary meetings noted the date, location, and agenda of the meeting will be notified for members by publishing advertisements in newspapers or written invitations. 
Article 13: 
General Assembly duties are as follows: 
13-1: Hearing the report of the board of directors and inspector and to decide and investigate about the annual report of activities 
13-2: Making decision for the balance sheet, budget and membership fee of The "Association" 
13-3: To choose or dismiss members of the board 
13-4: To choose a main inspector and an alternative 
13-5: Adopting all regulations and necessary administrative standards to enhance the "Association" affairs by Board proposals 
13-6: To determine a widely circulated newspaper for publishing advertisements of the "Association" 
In all meetings of general assembly, the representatives mentioned in Note 1 of Article 10 of the regulations and the duties of the Commission will be invited to attend. In the absence of the Commission representative, the meeting will not be recognized. 
B) Board of Directors: 
Article 14: 
Board of Directors is composed of 7 members, and 2 are chosen as their alternatives. Above Members shall be elected once every three years in the General Assembly ordinary meetings by secret vote of the permanent members of the "Association". Membership in board of Directors is honorary. 
The board members are just composed of clinical psychologists with at least 5 years of clinical experience and at least four members must have a PhD degree in clinical psychology. 
Note 1: 
Psychologists masters of clinical psychology, but do not have a PhD in clinical psychology either have the degree of PhD in clinical research in psychology will not evaluated as board members with a PhD in clinical psychology. 
Note 2: 
Increasing the number of board members will be approved by the proposal and final approval of the Commission. 
Note 3: 
Board meetings are held at least once a month and will be recognized with two-thirds of members, decisions will be made by majority vote of the audiences. 
Article 15: 
At the first meeting of the Board of Directors a chairman, a vice chairman, a secretary and a treasurer shall be elected by written vote of the majority of board members. Also, the internal regulations of the "Association" will be approved and recognized in meetings of the Board of Directors. 
Note 1: 
The chairman and secretary of the "Association" can not be selected for these positions more than two consecutive terms. 
Note 2: 
The chairman of the board is responsible for managing the current affairs of the "Association" and executing all decisions of the board of directors and would be the legal representative of the "Association" in various Communities. 
Note 3: 
All the bonds bindings would be credible with 2 of 3 sign of the Chairman, the treasurer and a selected member of board and seal of the board. It is added that any payment should be signed by the treasurer.
Note 4: 
Official letters will be signed by Chairman and in his absence Vice Chairman. 
Note 5: 
If every board member does not participate in the three consecutive meetings or five alternate sessions without good reason (as determined by the board of directors) would be known as resigned member. 
Note 6: 
In case of resignation, dismissal or death of any member of the board of directors, regarding his academic degree, an alternate member will be determined as his successor for the remaining period of his membership. 
Article 16 - Board of Directors should send recall for election of General Assembly and new board of directors with attendance of Commission's representative within four months before the end of his tenure, after that the results and the General Assembly record should be sent to the Commission. 
Note: The previous board is accountable for the Association Affairs until the new board would be approved by Commission. 
Article 17 - Duties and powers of the board 
1-17 - Inviting the ordinary and extraordinary general assemblies 
2-17 - Implementation the public assembly's decisions 
3-17- Organizing lectures and scientific, technical and research meetings regarding current laws and regulations 
4-17 - Preparation regulations, procedures and administrative regulations 
5-17- Providing annual report of Association's activities and submitting it to General Assembly 
6-17- Preparation of balance sheet and submitting it to the General Assembly 
7-17- To accept gifts and donations for the Association 
8-17 - Proposing Article's amends and changes to the General Assembly 
9-17 - Managing Association's affairs within contents of the Article 
10-17- To prepare various administrative and professional committees and determine the types of their activities and monitor them 
11-17- To select and introduce Association's representatives to national and international scientific communities considering country laws and regulations 
12-17- To bring action for all real and legal individuals to defend of those claims that are brought against the Association at all phases of the judicial process with the right of assigning lawyer 
13-17- Making decision for membership in local and foreign assemblies regarding the country regulations 
14-17- Proposing the Association's dissolution to extraordinary General Assembly 
C: Inspector 
Article 18- Association will have a main and alternative inspector who will be selected once every 3 years in ordinary meetings by secret vote of the permanent members of the "Association". 
Article 19- Duties of inspector are as follows: 
1-19- To investigate and review all financial documents and to prepare a report for the General Assembly 
2-19- Investigating the annual Report of the Board of Directors both financial and non financial reports and providing Association's performance report to present to the General Assembly 
3-19- Rreporting any violation of the statute provisions by the board of directors to the General Assembly 
4-19- Inviting of extraordinary general meeting in emergency cases 
Article 20 - Attendance of the inspector at meetings of the Board of Directors without voting right is allowed and could request and inspect the Association's financial records and document whenever he want. 
Article 21 - At the end of each fiscal year, at least 45 days before the first annual meeting of general assembly, the head of the board of the directors will give their annual report of activities and financial balance sheet to inspector for confirmation. 
Chapter V: financial resources 
Article 22 - Financial resources of the Association is as follows: 
1-22 - membership dues 
2-22 - Gifts and Donations 
3-22 - incomes from educational and technical activities, research and publications 
4-22 - Financial support from the Ministry of Health and Medical Education 
Chapter VI: Dissolution of the Association 
Article 23- The Association would be dissolved in case of the request of the board, inspector or a third of permanent members and the extraordinary General Assembly approval because of any reason. 
Article 24- Extraordinary General Assembly which decides to dissolve the "Association" at the same meeting will attempt to select the board of settlement and its mission duration. 
Article 25- The board of settlement will present its actions report at the extraordinary general assembly meeting. Termination of the settlement process should be approved by extraordinary general assembly and be advertised in the official newspapers and to be announced to the Commission 
Note: The remaining assets will be donated to one of the educational - research institutions after paying liabilities, expenses after the board approval. 
Article 27- This Statute consists of six chapters, 25 articles and 21 Notes was approved by the General Assembly of founding board on Sep 23, 2001. 
Rules of Procedure: 
In the name of God 
Regarding to structure of the Iranian Association of Clinical Psychology and the need to define its concepts and relationships, the roles of procedures were drafted. It is written according to Association's regulation and its framework and since now, all current affaires of the Association will be done based on these approved materials. It is hoped to have a growing scientific and professional process for the Association. 
The second Board of directors for Iranian "Association" of Clinical Psychology 
Dec 2, 2004 
Internal regulations of Iranian Association of Clinical Psychology 
Section A: Board meetings 
Article 1: 
Meetings attended by two-thirds of board members (5 persons), can be recognized, the orders would be studied and recommendations will be adopted with majority vote of attendances at the meeting. 
Note 1: 
The chairperson would do Meetings' management, in his /her absence the vice chairman and in the absence of both them, the secretary will do it, and secretary of the Association would prepare the agendas. 
Note 2: 
If three consecutive meetings of board do not reach to quorum, the Chairman should invite an alternative member to participate in meeting. If the fourth meeting reach to quorum, the voting right of alternative member will be withdrawn. 
Article 2: 
Meetings of the board will be held at least once per month, which the time and place of meetings will be determined by agreement of the majority of the members, and the secretariat of the association will inform it to members at the beginning of each season. 
Article 3: 
The board members attendance in agreed meetings is mandatory and failure to attend the meetings will be considered as absence. 
Note 1: 
The board will recognize the absence is justified or not. 
Note 2: 
Each member of the board of directors could have three consecutive or five non-consecutive unjustified absences at a maximum moreover; the more absences of quorum at the board meetings would be come upon Article 15 Notes 5 and 6 of the regulations. 
Note 3: 
The board members are required to inform their absence at least 48 hours before the meeting of the board of directors to the Secretariat of the Association (except emergency cases). 
Article 4: 
Decisions of the board meetings are recorded by the secretary of the Association 
will be announced for members presented at the previous meeting within a week, its final version will be signed by all members at the next meeting (Final records will be provided for all members of the board).
Note 1 - Decisions of each meeting are mandatory. 
Note 2 - If decisions of each meeting are the responsibility of one or more members, the person or persons will be responsible against chairman. 
Note 3 - Secretary of the Association will arrange meetings agenda of the board via consulting with the Chairman 
Note 4 - The urgent cases at the meeting of the board of directors, just with the agreement of two thirds of present members will be discussed. 
Note 5 - If the content of the agenda is in specialty of a member, in his absence and lack of urgency, it would be deleted from the agenda and remain for the next meeting 
Article 5 - Each board member who is absent in a meeting, can give his writing vote to another member.
Article 6 - The first meeting of board of directors, chairman, assistant, secretary and treasurer of the Association will be elected for three years via voting present members. 
Section B: Chairman: 
Article 7 - The chairman must have at least the following qualifications: 
A: At least PhD degree (Ph.D) degree in clinical psychology (accredited by the Ministry of Health and Medical Education or the Ministry of Research Science and Technology). 
(B) At least two consecutive years of membership in the Iranian Association of Clinical Psychology. 
Article 8 - Chairman of the Board will be responsible for managing, coordinating and supervising the implementation of board decisions. 
Article 9 - The chairman is highest decision maker about Association's matters and his decisions are mandatory, unless these decisions are in contrary with statute, internal regulations and bylaws of the Association, in which case, the subject would be referred to board of directors. 
Note 1 - Chairman is responsible to supervise the current affairs of the Association including monitoring the work of the professional committees. Chairman will held monthly meetings with supervisors of the professional committees. 
Note 2 - If necessary cases, Chairman will have a meeting with vice chairman, Secretary and Treasurer of the Board. 
Note 3 - Chairman of the Board will be accountable about his personal decisions and actions against Board. 
Article 10 - Chairman of the board will be responsible of organizing committee of the General Assembly. 
Note - Members of the organizing committee of the General Assembly will be including Vice chairman, secretary, treasurer and two selected members of the Board. 
Article 11 - In the absence of Chairman, Vice Chairman; and in the absence of both them, the Secretary of the Board will be responsible for the board meetings and Association's affairs. 
Article 12 - In absence of the Chairman more than 6 months 
for any reason, the vice chairman will do all his responsibilities till a new Chairman will be elected. 
Note - In the absence of Vice Chairman with this Article's conditions, the Secretary will be responsible for all responsibilities until the Chairman and Vice Chairman will be elected. 
Article 13 - No member of the board without notice and confirmation, cannot be connected as a representative of the Association with the organs, institutions, organizations, and government agencies, private and international institutions to make decisions. 
Section C: Association's Secretariat: 
Article 14 - Secretariat of the Association as an administrative unit - will work directly under supervision of the Association. 
Note - Secretary of the Association in the scope of his duties will be accountable for chairman of the board 
Article 15 - Secretariat activities are consist of current activities, answering to clients, membership affairs, coordinating meetings, invitations, correspondence and communication with members. 
Note 1 - The official correspondence with authorities and ministerial officials, civilian and military, institutions, organizations and organizations will be done with chairman's signature and in his absence by vice chairman or secretary 
Note 2 - The correspondence which need decisions, will be discussed at the first meeting by the Chairman of the board 
Note 3 - Matters with a high sense of urgency and the time limit will be done after consulting the Chairman with relevant committee's officials 
Note 4 - Public relations correspondences and relationship with members will be signed by Association's Secretary. 
Note 5 - There are 2 seals for letters by Association's Secretary which will be used regarding to 1 and 4 Notes. 
Note 6 - Participating certificate in training programs will be signed by the responsible of education committee, or scientific secretary or teacher and chairman. 
Article 16 - For the current affaires of Association's office, a person will be hired. 
Note 1 - The office responsible person will be selected by the Secretary of the Association or confirmation of the chairman of the board. 
Note 2 - The office responsible person will focus all his/her activities on current affairs of the Association and will be directly accountable to the Chairman and Secretary. 
Article 17 - Committee responsible should introduce individuals to collaborate for implementing their programs (including training workshops, courses, advertisements) to secretariat. 
Section D: Association's Treasury 
Article 18 - Responsibility of finance affairs will be with treasurer under supervision of the chairman. 
Article 19 - Association's official bank account is the account which is named to Iranian Association of Clinical Psychology and has been introduced to the Bank with 3 signatures, and payment is possible with two signatures. 
Note 1 - The three introduced signatures to the bank are including the signature of the Treasurer, Chairman and a selected member of the board. 
Note 2 - The signature of the treasurer is required for payment of the Association account. 
Note 3 - All Securities of the Association is with the treasurer. 
Article 20 - For financial contracting related to each committee, the signatures of Chairman, Treasurer and the committee responsible are required. 
Article 21 - Association has a special printed seal for seal the finance documents which is with treasurer. 
Article 22 - Treasurer should prepare and the financial report for the Board every 6 months. 
Article 23 - In case of non-current costs, treasurer should discuss it at the board meeting for approval. 
Article 24 - To run the programs and costs related to activities of each committee, the Board has allocated a budget which will be settled it after programs 
Article 25 - A financial expert will be hired to carry out the Treasury affairs. 
Note 1 - Financial expert will be selected by treasurer with the approval of the chairman. 
Note 2 - The financial expert will focus all his activities on financial affairs and bookkeeping records of the Association and will be accountable directly to the Treasurer. 
Section E: Professional Committees: 
Article 26 - The Association has the following committees in line with its goals and objectives: 
1. Education 
2. Research 
3. Mental Health 
4. Treatment 
5. Assessment and measure 
6. Ethics and professional standards 
7. Public relations and International Affairs. 
Note 1 - Each one of the Board members are responsible of each specialized committees. 
Note 2 - The duties and powers of each committee will be prepared as the internal regulations of the Committee after Board approval and the committee will be responsible for its implementation 
Note 3 - Executive members of each committee will be selected from the active volunteers of the Association members by the responsible person of that committee. 
Article 27 - Each Committee is should set a strategic planning suited to its goals in order to present to the Board for approval. 
Note 1 - Implementation of all developed programs by the professional committees will be possible after the board Approval. 
Note 2 - At least two weeks before the meeting of the board, the person in charge of each Committee should give the written notice to the secretary of the Association for discussion about related matters 
Article 28 - The person in charge of each Committee should present the progress report of his/her committee's activities every three months to the board. 
Note 1 - If every committee does not have a logical progression according to its schedule, the person in charge should report the reasons for the lack of progress to the board. 
Note 2 - If the reasons for the lack of progress are not convincing, proportion to the progress status of the committee, The board it will give up to three months opportunity. 
Note 3 - If the person in charge of the Committee does not achieve the goals in specific time, he will be replaced by the board. 
Article 29 - In cases where implementing a program requires participation of two or more committees, a temporary committee will be formed comprising selected members of relevant committees 
Note - The person in charge of the committee which has proposed the program will be responsible of the temporary Committee 
Article 30 - The board of Directors can to add, delete or amend some cases to the regulations based on majority vote and the case. 
This regulation was approved in eleventh board meeting of second period after 10 sessions' consultation and review in 5 Chapters, 30 Articles and 38 Notes at 13 Dec 2004 and since then, will be binding for all matters of the Association. 
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